Establishment elite gang up on a Senate Page

The main stream media seem hell bent to protect the environs of the Senate. Their attack on Senate Page Brigette DePape has been relentless. And I have to say I am disappointed in the reaction of the NDP, Liberals and Elizabeth May.

All three opposition parties have lined up to denounce the silent act DePape made in the Senate chamber during the Throne Speech. I am not totally surprised by the Liberal reaction, but I am with the NDP and green party. At worst I would have expected Layton to say It was the wrong place but in a Democracy this follows a time honoured tradition of non-violent protest.

We all know our rules allow the Conservatives a majority Government, even when 60% of Canadians choose another party to support. With the media falling all over themselves to out do the other in maintaining Harper's rights, dismissing the act as disrespectful and wrong, misses the ethical and moral place DePape actions stem from.

In a system where one can win absolute power without the majority of Canadian voters, acts like DePape's may be the only way we can assert the rights of the majority of Canadians. For a more thoughtful response to the MSM condemnation check out these well thought out articles.

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