I never met a band that wants to jail their fans

Charlie Angus and Andrew Cash sing, discuss today's music and copyright law.  The Harper conservatives are soon to introduce copyright law that would make many people criminals if they share their music.  Angus tells SunTV reporter David Akin, "I never met a band that wants to jail their fans."

Angus is the longtime NDP MP from Timmins - JamesBay and Andrew Cash is the new MP for Toronto Davenport. Both these men played in a band "L'etranger".  They were a punk band.  A band that spoke of change and now they are both in the House of Commons, working for change.

Check out this video from SunTV News. These NDP MP's are truly talented entertainers and will contribute much to the debate over new copyright laws.  

Link to video at SunTV is here.

When Punks Turn into Politicians

Edit: correction as per comment below!  Thanks Thor!

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Thor said...

Correction: "L'etranger" was the name of the band.