Yes, the NDP can get things done....

‘We can get things done’, Joe Comartin justice critic, for the NDP

That's the way to do stuff.  Comartin is a lawyer and has been on this issue for a while.  The issue is mega trials, involving 10, 15, 20 or more accused, usually bikers, or organized crime folks.   He has managed to get this issue resolved because of his tenacity and working with the government.

Likely the first bill to pass after the budget will be this one, and won't that play well in Quebec where many of these trials have been occurring.  A good beginning for the new Official Opposition or should I say Official Proposition.

Yes, the NDP can get things done....

Globe and Mail : ‘We can get things done’: Tories, NDP team up on mega-trial bill


ck said...

This is typical Paranoid Harpercon strawman politics at its' worst. Are you familiar with the bill? Befor you call me a Liberal partisan, I am also slamming Cotler, as well as anyone else who would go along with this insanity.

This bill was being debated before the writ was dropped, now they want it rammed through the House of Commons before summer vacation?? Because some overwhelmed Quebec superior court judge dropped a case against 31 alleged Hell's Angels??

Anyone perhaps stop to think that judge may have been bought off?? I don't want to accuse, but it's not outside the realm of possibility. This bill, nor any of other Stevie's bills will curtail such corruption. How do you think organized criminals survive and prosper?

This bill will do nothing to stop organized crime. There have always been bikers. There always will be.

What I am afraid of are cases of ordinary folks like you and I caught in wrong place at wrong time. For example, you're having a drink with friends in a bar and all of a sudden the cops raid the joint. I have witnessed it several times, having worked as a bartender in a previous life where everyone is arrested. Everyone would appear before a judge. You and your friends could have same status as drug dealers based on evidence on scene.

Or how about at a demonstration where a few go rogue, but everyone gets arrested? Again, tried all together. Again, you find yourselves as co-defendents with total strangers probably having to be represented by the same lawyer as these strangers who don't have your intersts as priority.

All qustions that need and must be asked.

Speaking of evidence, this bill smacks of, well, don't let careful examination of evidence get in the way.

As for those bikers and other organized criminals, they will always survive and get off. They have the best creative lawyering money will buy, and they will find ways around a new bill.

It seems that Lizzy May will be opposing. Probably one of the few high spots she'll have in office.

I don't know why we need any of Harper's Americana tough on crime bills. They've proven to be failures in the US and there's nothing to suggest that our penal system is actually broken. It isn't perfect, but nothing is, and it has been a far cry better than the US.

Rick Barnes said...

I have lots of respect for Comartin and Cotler. I do not think they would pass a bill that could do as you state.

The bill itself will not stop crime. It will however see motions are heard in a timely fashion.

As to the crime bill agenda, I agree with you. Harper will be passing many new laws that are unwarranted and will need to be undone in the future.

I expect those bills will not pass as quickly. Harper will pay a price for ramming them through with his majority.

Anonymous said...


Great post. We oppose the Tories vociferously on so much, but you're spot on regarding this issue.