Where did your rights come from?

What have unions done for people? Its something we often forget.  Many of us don't remember the days when vacations were unpaid, sick leave was unpaid, weekends were for working, 40 hour weeks were a short work week.

Fortunately there is a good list here to remind us...

Let's get one thing straight...

"...Employers and Corporations did not feel generous and decide to give you two days off every week to have a social/personal life. (We now call them weekends). Corporations did not just feel like being nice one day and give their employees paid vacations. CEOs didn't get together in a board room and say "Let's give our employees more rights at work" or "Maybe there should be laws to limit our power over an employee". ...
Here is some of the list ... Its American but many Canadian applicable law/rights

36 Reasons Why You Should Thank a Union
  1. Weekends
  1. All Breaks at Work, including your Lunch Breaks
  1. Paid Vacation
  1. FMLA
  1. Sick Leave
  1. Social Security
  1. Minimum Wage
  1. Civil Rights Act/Title VII (Prohibits Employer Discrimination)
  1. 8-Hour Work Day
  1. Overtime Pay
  1. Child Labor Laws

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