North American Security Perimeter Agreement

Many of us look forward to four years of fights with the Stephen Harper Government.  They have in the first session so far signaled that they will do what it takes to curb the rights of workers.  They will have many opportunities to do more of this in the following session.

It seems however the areas we most need to keep an eye on involve trade.  I know its hard to narrow the hard right turn this country is headed on and suggest trade maybe at the top of the list of concerns but it is.

Firstly we are about to sign the North American Security Perimeter agreement with the USA.  This will harmonise many of law as and regulations as to who gets into Canada, with those of the US. There has been no public debate. 

Prime Minister Harper said the following after a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama at the G8 meeting in Deauville, France in May of this year...

"The president and I are committed to pursuing a perimeter approach to enhance our security and accelerate the legitimate flow of people, goods and services between our two countries," Harper said. "We are pleased that discussions are on track, and we expect to have an ambitious joint action plan ready this summer following public consultations." CBC, May 26, 2011
It`s already the end of June and the Government of Canada has yet to signal any intention of consulting Canadians. Consultation I suspect will be with industry and trade organizations and not the rest of us.  The Government of Canada has not even published a report for Canadians of their efforts to reach an agreement with the US.  
Until I see more, and given Stephen Harper`s secretive nature, I can only assume Canada will sign an agreement, which in turn will give up many Canadian `freedoms`in the name of trade.   It is Fortress America.  The US will have access to more information on ordinary Canadians.  When crossing the border back into Canada, it`s likely we will be screened by an American border agent as we harmonize resources. 
Scrutiny of the deal looks to be one that is left to Parliament. Lets hope Harper won`t use closure to bring it into law.
I almost forgot, didn`t Harper use he money for border security for Tony Clements` riding.  300km from the border.

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Anonymous said...

Harper's Border Action Plan - with a working group made up of mysterious, unknown parties, reporting directly to the Prime Minister. Whatever public consultation there was (they had a submission form on the website at one point), closed on June 3rd.