BC's Odd Couple, Uncle Tom and Mary

Could Polak help the Westend's Uncle Tom?

Mary Polak the former chairperson of the Surrey School Board has won the Langley Liberal nomination today in a recount by the same margin she won on March 9, 4 votes.

BC's political Odd Couple, Lorne Mayencourt and Polak will both be Liberal candidates in the May 17 election. Though Polak has a good shot at being elected, her partner, the Westend's "Uncle Tom" is not so lucky. "Uncle Tom" Lorne Mayencourt, previously known as the Westend party boi will be a one-term wonder.

Mayencourt still awaits the report of a special prosecuter into his "posse" like attempt to clean up the Westend's streets of all those unsightly panhandlers. If that doesn't go well expect the Liberals to drag out Lynne Kennedy to run. She has wanted this for some time. Or maybe the former Empress Joan-E will run. Joan-E is the ever present drag queen pumping Lorne where ever she goes. I wonder what she thinks of her man now. It must be so embarrasing pimping for this "Uncle Tom" perhaps she closes her eyes.

Should Mayencourt "escape" the special prosecuter he could ask Mary Polak to come downtown and campaign for him. Take her to The LGBT Centre Lorne, she can explain her stance against gay books in schools, I am sure if we heard it directly from her like you have that we too will understand.

When you finish there go by YouthCO, BC's award winning youth AIDS prevention and education society. Mary can explain to them why she banned them from Surrey schools.

One final thing Lorne, did you ever start paying back the people you left debts with. You promised in the last election to do this if elected. Of course you being so Ga Ga over Big Daddy Gordon I expect you have learned how to break a promise or two.

I have other questions to ask our gay Uncle Tom concerning his days with two local AIDS organizations but that will wait for another posting soon.

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