Fools Crown for Mayencourt?

Who will it be?

My vote is for the gay "Uncle Tom," the one and only Lorne Mayencourt.

Among this year's nominees are:

Stephen Harper, Larry Campbell, Michael Jackson, Condoleeza Rice, Lorne Mayencourt, George Bush Sr., and Pope Bono the First. (previous crown holder, Lorne's daddy, Gordon Campbell, has abdicated from the throne. Seems only right Lorne should inherit his daddy's crown.)

The nominations were made by a select board under the auspices of Vancouver's official Fools' Day Committee. Competition for the Crown is fierce, as hopefuls vie for dominance after grueling weeks of training hula hooping, belly flopping, tongue twisting and pie throwing.

The Parade is also the highlight of Vancouver's annual "Foolishness Week", proclaimed by Mayor Larry Campbell for April 1st to the 8th.

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