Okanagan gay and lesbian org on same-sex marriage

Okanagan Group states case for same-sex marriage

Support for Marriage Bill

The South Okanagan Gay and Lesbian Association (s.o.g.a.l.a.) was formed in 2002 to provide support and activities to gay, lesbian and transgendered people living their lives in the South Okanagan.

On behalf of its membership and other gay and lesbian Canadians, we would like to thank Paul Martin and his government for the courage and leadership they are showing to pass the marriage Bill. People do not have the ability to choose their sex, eye color, height etc. nor can they choose their sexual preference.

Changing the definition of marriage to be the union of two loving people is one more step towards equality for Canadians. This is the fairest and simplest way to extend those rights to all. Mr. Harper and Mr. Day, your proposal supports two different levels of Canadians in marriage.

This bill also recognizes the freedom of religion and recognizes the right of congregations to decide whether they will support same sex marriages. We ask all the members of Parliament to stand with Mr. Martin and vote yes to this Bill, which is yes to equality. We further ask all the politicians to continue down this path until there is equality on all levels for all Canadians. The passing of this bill will show the world how great it is to be Canadian.

Anyone is welcome to contact our organization through our website.

The South Okanagan Gay and Lesbian Association

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