No so Fab idea

Sometimes I just have to shake my head and ask "where did that come from?"

The Federal Liberals have as always looked for every possible way they could think of to avoid having to address same-sex marriage. They have been hoping it would just go away. I read earlier today on a blog, will link it when I recall it, "the liberal have long since passed the day where they stood for anything" and it is true.
Since Jean Chrétien became Prime Minister the Liberals have been blander than Joe Clark on his dullest day and now Paul Martin is giving Robert Stanfield a go.

What sparked all this is a blog I read moments ago. One Damn Thing After Another points out that Fab Magazine in Toronto has started a postcard campaign on same-sex marriage. You send them to MP's, one has a "finger" for Stephen Harper and the other a "thank you" to Paul Martin.

Now Paul Martin would not be doing anything on same-sex marriage if he could avoid it. Its a wedge issue for him. He can get enough people to support him and label Harper a "Bad Boy" at the same time.

Thanking the man who has spent more time telling people he is defending freedom of religion rather than talking about ending the injustice the people with those religious rights want to continue against the gay communities. Hell Martin can hardly say the words gay and lesbian.

The only politician in Toronto today that has stood up for gay rights and has not been shy about joining a Pride parade is Jack Layton. Don't get me wrong, The liberals are doing the right thing, even if it hurts some of them to do so. FAB ain't so Fab today!

FAB of course is owned by a Liberal! See more of Postcards from the wedge issue at One Damn Thing After Another

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