Maine Senate says no to gay discrimination

Two Americas if you are Queer

Just as you think the United States has lost its "collective" mind this story comes along. Maine now headed toward equality.

Message to James Dobson: New England States are fighting back against your war of intolerance. The good people of Maine say no to your message of hate.

Three Cheers for Maine!

March 28, 2005
Senate passes gay rights bill by wide margin
By Glenn Adams,Associated Press Writer

AUGUSTA, Maine --A bill that would bar discrimination against gays and lesbians in Maine won a strong vote of approval Monday in the state Senate, moving the measure to the House where a vote could be held as soon as Tuesday. The bill adding protections to the Maine Human Rights Act was approved, 25-10, after a debate in which supporters said Maine is lagging behind the other New England states by not having a law that bars discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

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