Release the 911 Tapes Lorne

Things are getting hot in Vancouver Burrard. Seems a couple more bits of information have been added to the Mayencourt "vigilante" escapade.

In a media release from Tim Stevenson, city councillor and NDP candidate in Vancouver Burrard pieced together the following information from media reports and witnesses of the incident;

Mayencourt was not approached by the panhandler, he watched the panhandler approaching others and decided to take action. Mayencourt then apparently followed the panhandler down Davie Street, yelling at him. The panhandler appears to have entered an alley to get away from Mayencourt. However Mayencourt followed him and shortly thereafter the panhandler hit Mayencourt on the cheek. The incident's duration of time is unknown, as is Lorne's state of mind during the confrontation.

Stevenson then went on to ask Lorne to release the 911 tapes ...
"We are heading into a Provincial election and Lorne's constituents deserve to know what happened that night. He should request the tapes of his 911 calls be released so there is more clarity on the evening's events. As elected officials we have a responsibility to set a positive example, and that does not include harassing peaceful panhandlers."

Stevenson's City Council colleague and long time advocate against homelessness, Jim Green, echoed his call. "Frankly, I'm shocked by what might have transpired between Lorne Mayencourt and the unknown panhandler." Said Green. "Lorne has been complicit with his government's cuts that have increased the number of homeless on the streets, and now he is making the streets even less safe by taking vigilante actions that only heighten the level of tension and fear between panhandlers and commuters. Perhaps we should consider an aggressive MLA by-law."

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HDcanuck said...

Funny thing this! One day you've got an MP stealing a ring, a premier throwing change at people, and the next an MLA is chasing panhandlers. Maybe the bunch of them should form a "politicians who fly off the handle" support group.

Rick Barnes said...

I will be happy when Lorne Mayencourt finds a new career.

You can add Liberal federal Ministers that are involved in the advertising scam to your group. Maybe not a support group for them, perhaps the "Big" house is where they need to go.

Gazetteer said...

Wow Rick--

This is real hardball by Stevenson.

Rick Barnes said...

I worked for Tim. He is well liked in the Westend, he also know that he has to spell it out sometimes.

I am glad Tim did this. People need to know that electing Lorne is crazy, he is simply a yes man, and second what kind of guy is he.

The only thing bigger than Lorne's ego, is his cell phone bill which you and I pay.

Of course I am easier on Lorne than Tim is ; )