Canadian Conservative Party harbours hate promoters and bigots

Spencer, Mayfield, Hill, Thompson, White, Kenney, the list of outspoken anti-gay MP's

In a Vancouver Sun interview, Spencer said "legalizing homosexuality was a mistake," and he said a "well-orchestrated conspiracy had worked to advance gay rights in Canada." Spencer added, "homosexuals had deliberately infiltrated North America's courts, schools, religious communities and the entertainment industry." - Vancouver Sun November 2003

Harper acted quickly and Spencer was tossed from caucus. Spencer's crime was to expose the prevalent western conservative point of view. This view is held by many Conservative MP's but not among those that voted in their ridings in BC. Many of the rural ridings held by Conservatives would have close to a majority opposed to same-sex marriage, yet Conservatives represent areas like Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, New Westminister, North and West Vancouver, the Gulf Islands all areas which would generally be more agreeable to supporting same-sex marriage than opposed to it.

Polls in BC have shown consistently that 60% of the people here support same-sex marriage. Yet with a gazillion conservative MP's surely some of them will be voting the way their constituents want them too and that would mean they would support same sex marriage. Thats not happening in BC. All but one Conservative MP is voting against the measure. Every last one of them will be lying through their teeth when they say their constituents are very much opposed to Bill 38.

I am sure they will have a comparison of emails, letters and returned surveys to back them up. All of these are unscientific measures of support. The Harper Conservatives are playing the same silly numbers game they have been for years under the Reform and Alliance banners. This likely why they will not get to Parliament in numbers to give Harper the keys to 24 Sussex Drive.

Adding to the Conservatives problems is Grant Hill from Okotoks, Alberta. Hill has the MP's pension he said he would never collect, how soon their memories go. This frees him up to say what he really thinks about gays. Here is what he told MacLeans Magazine;

"... that the homosexual lifestyle includes "distinct health negatives"; that those with an "unwanted sexual preference" can choose to change it; and that children do best when raised by straight couples. "My position is based on science, on social science, my experience as a doctor and all the data and literature that I review in a scientific way." (is there another way?)

He says more ...

"You know, there are very distinct health negatives to the gay lifestyle," he said, repeating views he made known in a Commons speech in 1996 that made him a prime target for social progressives and gay activists.
Asked to elaborate Wednesday, he said: "AIDS. AIDS in North America is 85 per cent a disease of those (men) who have sex with men."

Will Grant Hill now be sent packing by the Conservatives? Will Harper accept Hill speaking out like this? If he does what's the difference between Hill and Spencer? If Harper were to fire all the Conservative MP's that have said "Gays are bad" would he have more than 20 seats left in Parliament?


HDcanuck said...

Yeah, all that AND don't forget that human beings were running around with the dinosaurs too. No wonder Alan Fotheringham called the Progressive Conservatives the Forward - Backward party.

PR said...

Gee whiz, you really need to update your targets. Spencer and Hill are both long-gone.

Anyhoo: Do you dispute the factual basis of Hill's comments or the political incorrectness of them? He is a medical doctor.

Rick Barnes said...

The men that I listed above are influencial so-cons in the Conservative party.

Grant Hill is a doctor and like James Dobson believes the world was created a few thousand years ago.

I am not going to get into the debate with a few so-cons on the issue of sexual orientation.

The Conservative Party under Harper has taken a big right turn, allowing the so-cons to take over.

As a Conservative you should be worried. Your party has set itself out to be in opposition for years to come.

Martin and future Liberal leaders who have scandal after scandal have been given a free ride due to the "so-con" power. Canadians do not trust Harper or his party anywhere near the Charter.

Canadians are right to suspect the worst. I can see several areas that the notwithstanding clause would be used by Harper's crowd of so-cons.

Same-sex marriage, abortion, child custody, family law and aboriginal treaties.

Harper knows he is in deep doo doo with the public which is why he is tryng to limit debate.

Read Saint Belinda and Hidden Agenda

You might also like, Harper and Homo sex.

Good luck with your party!

HDcanuck said...

Well, if the winds blow the right way there may no longer BE a Reform-Alliance-Conservative Party. The Forward-Backwards may walk. Well, probably not ... but we can hope!! After all, Peter McKay is too sexy to be in the Dinosaur Party, don't ya think? Maybe Peter and Belinda could form a new party! Lesseee, they could call themselves the Beautiful People Once Aligned with Assholes Party!

HDcanuck said...

Oh, and by the way Peter Rempel, whether the doc's comments are "true" or not is hardly the point. If I ranted and raved about how sinful women are because they represent nearly 100% of the cases of breast cancer, don't you think that would be consider hate speech? Give your head a shake. And if you're in that party of whack-jobs, give your feet a walk.

Anonymous said...
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Rick Barnes said...

The last comment was off topic and wierd.

Rick Barnes said...

Read Saint Belinda

The To Star says Belinda is a accused of trying to take over the party!

Stronach accused of `demi-goddess' party aspirations

She is the only hope for the Conservatives!