Lorne Blowing Smoke

"Either he utterly failed once again to convince his Liberal colleagues for the need of his bill, or he just lied to us as he never planned to introduce the legislation in the first place. It was his usual smoke and mirrors to get his name in the paper and hope we never noticed he failed to introduce the Bill."

That was a ranter on the pages of the Westender this week. How does Lorne do it? I have yet to recall an MLA with so much of nothing going on. Someone should take him aside and say "Lorne when you make a promise, you have to keep it?"

The taxpayers paid for Lorne's trips around the province again to promote his Safe Schools Act. I guess there is one advantage to using tax money. Having Lorne outside Vancouver, the streets may be safer for panhandlers. One less liberal saving the rest of us from unsightly, untidy street people.

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