Social Conservatives win the day in Montreal

The Conservatives are toast. They just passed a definition of marriage that excludes same-sex couples and Harper says he will reopen star wars.

The Undoing of Stephen Harper and likely the Conservatives. Four years for Martin and the boys next election. Any bets?


HDcanuck said...

What we are seeing is the natural evolution of a terrible mistake (the merger of the Forward-Backwards and the Fascist-Alliance). The only hope for the Forward-Backwards is to go it alone again; in this merged party we have essentially one electable less-than-half merged with American Gothic. It can never work.

HDcanuck said...

Rick, as to your bet -- I think it would be safe to add the following two terms as well!

Rick Barnes said...

The only way for them to have a hope is to move to the Saint they have in Belinda. Harper and company are just too mean!