Republican bites back at gay marriage opponents

Yesterday, Republican California Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer ( appointed by a republican governor) ruled the law outlawing gay marriage was unconstitutional. Extremist, far-right conservative blogs and columnists are out in force, screaming their usual uninformed, bigoted, and hypocritical outrage.

Check out Morons.org for good links to the outraged right and comments from readers!

in a related matter...

"I wish he would have spoken up earlier, I wouldn't have voted for Bush or Harper"

The Toronto Star publishes an article today by Salman Rushdie titled Keep religion out of public life. Salman Rushdie warns that West will invite tyranny if faith is given a seat in the political arena. Seems a little late for our American readers and friends, yet perfect timing for Canada. The rise of the social conservative movement in our country is still small yet they are influencing Canadian politics well beyond their size.

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