CBC Archive - Funny Politician

CBC Archive - Funny Politician

The CBC has some great archives...

I plan to feature a few articles that they have. It is a pity that you can not embed many CBC archives. Perhaps this will change one day soon.

The first I have for you is Tommy Douglas. I know that surprises you all a great deal. I mean why would I pick him. Well just lucky I did because you will enjoy this audio clip that aired on CBC Radio on Feb. 11, 1976.

Tommy Douglas, Canadian funny-man

The first 15 to 30 minutes of Tommy Douglas' speeches are spent telling jokes. Sometimes they're elaborate anecdotes related to serious issues. Other times they're short and simple with a snappy punchline. Over the course of his long career, Douglas has become well-known as a master orator who can sway an indifferent crowd with his keen sense of humour and absolute passion. In this CBC Radio clip, Douglas delivers his best.

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