Ottawa Mayor Not Guilty

Ottawa Mayor Not Guilty

Larry O'Brien found not guilty of charges on influence peddling

see Ottawa Citizen... and CBC.ca

It appears that one can never be successfully convicted of these charges in Canada. There needs to be some serious review of the laws in question.

The right wing was very concerned with two candidates from the right entering the race for Mayor thus splitting the vote allowing the middle of the road candidate, long time city counselor Alex Munter to squeak out a win.

I am pretty sure that many folks talked to both Larry O'Brien and Terry Kilrea, about the probable electoral defeat of the Conservative forces if they both ran.

What we will not know for sometime if ever, is what was really offered and by whom to convince Kilrea to drop out of the race. His decision to drop out pretty much ensured O'Brien would become the front runner in the election for mayor.

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