LPC blogger tells part of the story

This is produced by a LPC party blogger. Its bang on. Under Stephen Harper thousands of Canadians have seen the loss of the jobs and have had to resort to EI.

Watch the vid...

I can't disagree with the video in any way. That ad could be produced by the NDP or the BLOC. It wasn't though. It was a federal Liberal that did this. The ad is truthful, raising the issue of the need for jobs and EI during the wait to get a job.

This is where the Liberal spin comes in. Its what you don't see in the video thats troubling. In the spring, the Liberals (LPC) decided to support the Harper budget after they extracted an agreement from said Harper to study changes to EI. In the interim and even prior to the agreement to study this issue of EI reform, thousands of Canadians have exhausted their EI coverage. That is especially true here in Ontario. Thousands more will run out of EI in the near future.

While provincial Premiers and the NDP were demanding changes to EI, the LPC and Conservatives have dithered, choosing to study the problem that's eating at the roots of Canada's social safety net. By the time they're finished I am guessing the solution will be watered down or no agreement will be found.

No agreement in EI changes should trigger a vote of non confidence. Don't hold your breath on that one. The LPC has had 79 chances to vote non confidence in the Harper government. Ignatieff it is time for you to step it up a notch.

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