Harper's insidious contempt of democracy

Harper's insidious contempt of democracy

Over at blogging a dead horse Stephen Harper's insidious contempt of democracy is laid out plain as day. It's very rare you see a government try to pull these kinds of shenanigans so openly. Just how low can they go? Check it out.

"Friday’s post about Stephen Harper’s plan to appoint undemocratic “official liaisons to the federal government” as a way to supplant democratically elected NDP MPs has gotten loads of blog attention, but very little in the mainstream press outside of northern BC, where NDP MP Nathan Cullen has been targeted." - Attack of the Conservative Pod People, Part II
Now if there is an example for others as to how to be a good MP, Nathan Cullen would be on most people's list. The Harper Conservative Government has set a new low water mark with this.

Quoted in the Terrace Daily, Conservative MP Dick Harris says...

"I and other BC Conservative MPs will work closely with Sharon Smith as she represents constituents of her riding to the government members. It will be a bonus for people of Skeena-Bulkley Valley to have direct representation to the government on so many issues,” continued Harris..."
Sharon Smith is a Conservative candidate in the next election. running against you guessed it, Nathan Cullen.

Check out Attack of the Conservative Pod People, Part II and Barbara Yaffe's column in today's Vancouver Sun


Parliament Shill said...

Kind of old news now, isn't it?

I was living in Prince George when the idea was first put forward, and you're right, it's farcically anti-democratic. Strikes me as a way of keeping Con candidates in the public eye outside of election campaigns - and thus getting them a little boost when the next vote comes around.

The alternative, of course, is that the Conservatives care desperately to hear from and speak to all Canadians. (Yeah, that's naive...)

Rick Barnes said...

Old news until they do it, then its all new again. I highly doubt it is the later of your suggestions.

Parliament Shill said...

Yeah, I have to agree...