We are Non-dispensational, except for Homos

We are Non-dispensational, except for Homos

They should be dispatched...

I'm not sure if I can actually post this material in Canada. I feel queasy about doing it. I decided you needed to hear this. If you are in the USA, this guy could be your neighbour. Especially if you are in Tempe AZ.

This family is growing up to hate others. This man is a Father, someone who is entrusted with nurturing, protecting and introducing these children to the world.

Baptist preacher Steven L. Anderson can be found here on the web. Ironically he is from Arizona, the same state that allows people to carry semi automatic rifles designed to kill people.

The audio below is very offensive, do not listen if you find extreme homophobia even mildly offends you.

You can find more of his deplorable speech here.

And if those sermons don't get you, look at the Doctrinal Statement.

H/T to Good as You ( not according to the good pastor you're not!)

note: i distorted the faces of these kids, though the pastor has them on full display on his website.

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Anonymous said...

"it's folks like them who make religion sick and give it a bad name.. folks like them that make me despise religion each time.."