Nanaimo-Cowichan Conservatives

The Harper team has a winner, maybe?

John Koury has been selected to represent Nanaimo-Cowichan Conservatives in the next federal election. This guy use to work for Keith Martin, former reformer turned Liberal. He has run before and it was not too pretty when he did.

Koury had a major meltdown and was almost pulled as a candidate. Veteran politicians like Deborah Grey and Conservative MPs Gary Lunn and John Reynolds were called in to shut him up. (see publiceye for more).

Koury has allowed time to heal the wounds of the past. It seems to have worked as the Conservatives have elected him as their rep this time out. He will be up against a stalwart campaigner in Jean Crowder, NDP MP since 2004 in Nanaimo-Cowichan. Koury was recently elected to the North Cowichan municipal council.

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