Harper and Raitt ISOlate Isotope solution

Harper and Raitt ISOlate Isotope solution

From Impolitical...

McMaster University offers for the umpteenth time to help produce isotopes

McMaster wants to be a part of the Canadian solution; it's willing and certainly able. Ramping up the McMaster Nuclear Reactor to produce moly-99 would utilize a facility with proven technology. It would require a modest investment and relatively little startup time. It would reassert Canada's position as a leader in nuclear research and nuclear medicine. And it would save lives and bring peace of mind to countless numbers of cancer and heart patients in Canada and around the world.

see Impolitical for much more and Conservative Ideology Led To Medical Isotope Mess In Canada at Buckdog.

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Real estate in Toronto said...

I just don't get how the government can kill the isotopes business with a snap of the fingers like that. Once one of two biggest producers on this planet, now we have nothing. And no other solutions to save this business are even being considered...why?

Take care, Elli