LPCers know how to raise funds

Its about optics and sometimes that may seem silly. Lets look at the recent arrival of the LPCers in Sudbury Ontario this week. They have arrived for the annual caucus retreat. Its a good thing for them to be in Sudbury.

First the Liberals arrive in town that has 3,200 people on strike against a foreign mining conglomerate that is making money and had arranged a sweet, top secret deal with the Federal government. The Liberals know there is a high profile strike happening yet seemed less than prepared.

The meeting of so many Liberals means a fundraiser is needed. Someone comes up with a $550 per person price tag. Now I know all about arranging these kinds of fundraisers . You have to do them and everyone does. The Liberals lobbed a soft one out there and the NDP have smacked it out of the park in this case.

See the Liberals should have seen it coming. They could have made tickets available for much less to some people. They would have taken the winds out of the sails before the NDP could launch their attack. Yet they are so desperate for money that they didn't even consider that idea.

Smaller cities and towns have a different view of big fundraisers. Most people in Sudbury could never afford $550 for a ticket. It looks like a gathering of the elite. I'm sure the Liberals didn't mean it that way, but what is really sad is that they didn't even see it coming.

The NDP jumped on it and quickly organized a dinner for $5.50 with all the proceeds going to the striking workers. Contrast the two and you can see how elitist the Liberals look in this case. It won't help their case in Northern Ontario having all those suits running around either. I hope they tone the dress for the event. No gowns please.

Now Jeff has posted a blog today going after the NDP for asking for money in a mail out. The specifics you can find on his blog. The NDP ask for money so they can keep the pressure on the Government to get our soldiers out of Afghanistan. Its no different than mailings I get from the Liberal Party of Canada asking me for money to fight Harper's mean spirited agenda of the day. Jeff is comparing Apples and Oranges.

He just doesn't get it. He's a smart dude but somehow he misses the little details. Seeing as the NDP is simple in his mind, how come the LPC is getting lots of press over their fundraiser. I hope for their sake they sell out. They can kiss Northern Ontario off next election as well, it likely went for spaghetti for $5.50.

I'm not opposed to a political party holding a big buck fundraiser at the right time and the right place.

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