Queer Thoughts dusty but back...

Queer Thoughts dusty but back...

I am back. I have been as my good friend Bruce over at Canuck Attitude, lacking inspiration to blog. I have a great new life that started here in Ontario in February 2006. It became apparent to me why so few people bother to keep up on issues of the day. Its because we were too busy living our lives.

There is so much out there that needs to be covered, talked about. Yet each of us has a limited intake of this stuff. I found my intake overwhelmed after I moved to Ontario. I met people that rocked my inner world. They challenged so much of what I believed and too my glee, they agree with me on so much, or perhaps I agree with them.

The long and short of it is that I discovered so much about myself in the last couple of years. Its has been an amazing journey.

Previously I met a wonderful man, Steven who became my partner. You if you have followed my blogging will know how important Steven became to me. My life crashed on June 9, 2002 when he succumbed to cancer as a result of AIDS. I buried myself in work. I worked too many hours a day. I shoved the pain into a corner. It became harder to keep pushing the pain undercover, the longer I ignored it, the bigger and harsher the pain became. Perhaps it was seeing Steven's name here, on the AIDS Memorial in Vancouver that pushed me to do something.

What can more harsh than seeing your partner's name/life commentated on a wall. Its rather final.

I turned to blogging. It was an outlet for me. I built up quite a following over the next few years. A following that was appreciative and active.

The problem was I was still lost. Meeting some very special people out here at the "Centre of the Universe" seems to have brought back my passion and I appear at this time to be ready to share it with you, readers of Queerthoughts.

So forgive me in my enthusiasm at this new beginning as I slip up a bit, here and there. Much has happened in the intervening years.

I know that many stories have been covered and if I say something that appears dated some smart alick blogger will say something like this in reference to my comment on Canadian Cynic
Rick Barnes said...

I expect that any day now, Mr. Harper will be trumpeting his governments support of Pride in Toronto

KEvron said...

huh. your pride week falls on the same week as juneteenth.


KEvron said...

got anything without an inch of dust on it, nut?


So expect a little dust as I get going again. Thanks to Bruce who has patiently listened to me for the last couple of years saying I would be blogging again, and a special mention that Lib dude who keeps going off on diatribes. His posting on the NDP convention irked me into blogging. Thanks Scott.


Simon said...

hi Rick welcome back !!I'm sorry about Steven but I'm glad you've got the wind in your sails again and I'll be following your blogging journey.I HATE the competition of course, but the more the merrier. :)

Bon Voyage !!

Rick Barnes said...

Thanks Simon.