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Professional Gay demonizer retires...

Bishop Martino in Scranton, Pennsylvania will be walking off to his church paid retirement after taking a few good shots at the queer folks and any effort to open a dialogue with those in the Catholic Church.

As is usual for these types of professional gay haters, The good Bishop couched his language around , love the sinner not the sin.

Earlier this year Misericordia University hosted prominant Gay rights activist, Keith Boykin as a speaker. Boykin wrote the book, "One More River to Cross: Black and Gay in America."

Bishop Martino has called on the school to dissolve the "Diversity Institute" that sponsored the event. Now The Bishop went further this February when he asked Misericordia to seriously consider discontinuing its Diversity Institute, which co-sponsored Mr. Boykin's appearance," noting that the Institute previously invited Boykin to serve for a week as a visiting scholar.

Now that's telling the University what for.

The good bishop can now go to his nice little retirement and have no one but little boys and men attend to his every need till his dying days.

There much more that I don't have time to look at but its clear he was pushed out the door as the Catholic Church tries to deal with its members supporting Obama, not like the good Bishop who actively campaigned against Obama.
Now, in a stunning turn that has taken even veteran church-watchers by surprise, Martino on Monday resigned his post under highly unusual circumstances -- citing the stress of the job and saying he could not continue in a post that should have been his for another dozen years, at least. - Politics Daily

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