Two Fathers

This video made me feel so good. Its been around for a couple of years but carries a message that remains relevant today, especially in the USA. With States continuing to ban gays from adopting children, to gay parents losing custody of their children time for action has never been more imperative.

In Florida, a 33 year old ban has gone to the Miami appeals court.

The three-judge panel will decide the fate of two half-brothers who say they want to be adopted by the foster father who's raised them since 2004. The foster father, Martin Gill of North Miami, can't adopt under state law because he's gay.
In peculiar fashion Florida manages to think it is okay for gays to be foster parents but not adoptive parents. Seems to me that children in the middle of a crisis (Usually why children end up in foster homes) can be adequately and safely placed in the care of gay foster parents, they have the skills and abilities to properly nurture children. They then should be seen as good perspective parents.

Now don't get me wrong, I didn't need this information to know gays can be good parents. And now it appears the courts in Florida see it that way. My question is why on earth has the government not repealed this unjust law. That of course is silly of me. The reason is that the Republicans have needed laws like this to keep their base vote together.

Watch the video, it melted my heart...

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Simon said...

hi Rick...oh I LOVE that Dutch song !!! I have it in my YouTube channel favourites.
So cool so sweet how could anybody be against that?
Answer: only our crazy twisted enemies.
Oh well. Another good reason to CRUSH them... :)

Ricky Barnes said...

Hey Simon,

it has been one of my favs for awhile. As too the crushing, i'm totally with you.

West End Bob said...

Very nice, Rick. Makes me proud that I sent in my annual ACLU renewal while I was in Florida last month . . . .

Ricky Barnes said...

I too love the ACLU