Anti Gay org loses Charitable Status

The American affiliate in New Zealand,  Exodus Global Alliance has lost its charity status.  It was revoked by the NZ Charities Commission on August 18, 2010.

I am almost tempted to say, Yes there is a god!  Exodus is a gay bashing, child abusing organization.  It says to young and old, its BAD to be gay, you are the lowest of the low.  Exodus has supported gay conversion and or reparitive therapy.  It counsels people, often the very young, that god hates what you are. Talk about pulling the spirit and soul out of someone, telling them they are the devil and must stop being themselves.

The New Zealand Charities Commission has found that there is no public good that can come from Exodus.

You can find the full decision here on the NZ Charities Commission site

You may be surprised to read that I learned of this decision from the National Organization for Marriage, that group in the USA that is opposed to same-sex marriage.  I was taken aback when I read that they were deeply concerned that an organization set up to preach that gay is bad would even be on their radar.  Again, I thought they only wanted to protect the sanctity of marriage from all us queers.  Turns out they are really against us even being here.  Silly me, I'm turning red from embarrassment...

More at Truth Wins Out and at Lezget Real and The Press (NZ News Site)

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