Ford forgets being arrested, booked and finger-printed

A big whoops Mr. Ford. Rob Ford is a city councillor in Toronto and is now running for the mayor's chair.

In a Toronto Sun article, Ford is asked if he was ever charged with possession, and he adamantly denies it saying, "I'm dead serious. When I say no, I mean never. No question. Now I'm getting offended. No means no."

Well now, turns out that No means yes.

Ford says he totally forgot about how he was arrested, booked and finger-printed in 1999 because police in Florida found a marijuana joint in his back pocket.

Now I wager that if I was arrested, booked and fingerprinted by American cops 11 years ago, that I would remember that. But then I would remember because I haven't smoked that much of the stuff. Then again in Ford's defense perhaps he was too "out of it" or "stoned" to recall this incident.

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Anonymous said...

The revelation this morning is that Rob Ford "forgot" about the possession charge because he was also charged with, and later convicted of, DUI that night. Of course, he also "forgot" to mention that part yesterday when he was denying the whole thing.


Gee, Rob Ford seems awfully forgetful. If he were mayor, I wonder if he might forget something important?

Rick Barnes said...

Man, first rule in politics, if you have a conviction or a charge, tell the media right off the bat!

Did he think he could bully his way through this? Now he looks like a liar.

So is lying about a girlfriend(s) worse or is having a DUI conviction worse?