Billions of tax dollars for Harper re-election fraud!

Now we know why the Conservatives want to make StatsCan look stupid. Stockwell Day has decided that the government must go ahead and build more prisons because the stats showing reduced crime rates are wrong. That's correct Mr. Day lets not let the facts get in the way of a good ole law 'n order re-election campaign.

The next Conservative campaign will highlight the opposition parties as being weak on crime and you guessed it, only the Conservitives are between you and the bad dude(s).

In an effort to build public acceptance for the billions in cost for new prisons, the Conservatives are trying to create a public impression the crime rates are in fact rising when all the stats suggest otherwise.

The crime rates have been falling for several years now in Canada, yet the Harper led Conservatives continue their rant, playing to their base vote and hoping to scare the lights out of the soccer moms and blue collar white men. Lets hope people see this for what it is, a multi billion dollar taxpayer paid re-election gimmick.

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