Revolution in BC

Are you ready for the first major revolution in Canada since Trudeau came to Parliament Hill Canada? BC is in the middle of a terrible fire season and its not just trees that are burning. The BC Liberals are falling faster than folks taking a bungee jump off the Naniamo bridge. The funny aspect to this is that the Liberals choose to dive off the bridge with additional weight attached. Some people could have told them that the weight would make it impossible to bounce back but they knew better.

The Liberals friends in Big Business told them it was worth it. After all they, big business would reap almost $1.9 billion in extra profits if it were to happen. It was the least the Liberals could do for them after receiving in excess of $400,000 in donations from the the big boys. Oddly enough, the rest of us will pay $1.8 billion more. It would have been easier for the Libs to stick their hands into our pockets, purses, wallets and piggy banks and then hand it over to big business. No they felt they needed to tell us we would all be better off with the new tax.

The amazing thing about this is that The Libs likely would not be plunging head first to bedrock, were it not for the fact thye mislead, I mean lied, to the people of BC in the first place. They waited until after they were safely elected to put the sting in place. We're talking HST. The HST they stated they were not thinking about before they election when asked. The HST they had planned to implement, the minute they were re-elected to a majority government.

Of course the majority government might not have been so big were they honest about the budget. You know the BC Liberals have won a ton of elections simply by saying the NDP would spend us into a deep hole. So they lied about the deficit in 2009. They said it would be $495 million. Again, safely elected, they show the budget deficit was really almost four times that amount. I have to look it up, but I dare say the BC Liberals have beat the NDP in the area of debt growth. Biggest deficits in BC history.

Back to the HST, seems to me the Libs have one choice for survival. Dump the tax. Now they are not likely to do that. Big Business would punish them beyond our imaginations. No they will continue. At least some of them will continue. The rest will be recalled or in fear of recall, will abandon the Liberal party. They will form a rump party in the Legislature, pretend they never liked the idea and we will see the rise of the Social Credit party again, to keep the Socialists from getting through the gates again.

My bet on the first MLA to be recalled... Donna Barnett of the Cariboo (Williams Lake and 100 Mile House). She can resign as a Liberal, but in her case, the people have another MLA in waiting, he's NDP but most people know him as a Wyse man!

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