Canada, Happy immigrants, at least I am

How soon we all forget. Most of us are immigrants or refugees. We came from somewhere else, or at least our ancestors did. John Moore writes in today's National Post just what I have been thinking. I might actually have to tune into Newstalk1010 in the mornings to hear his show.

Here is a link to his article: John Moore: Canada, a country of happy immigrants and short memories

Moore has a line for The Harper government as well...

"One of my colleagues has griped indignantly that by raising our history of intolerance toward newcomers I am necessarily calling anyone with concerns about the arrival of the MV Sun Sea a racist. Not at all. But if Public Security Minister Vic Toews and others who like to stir up panic over this latest arrival of refugees find themselves sharing political terrain with unabashed racists that’s their burden to shoulder.

This doesn’t mean we don’t need to have an adult conversation about whom we welcome and how we integrate them into our national culture. But as long as people don’t even know what the difference between an immigrant and a refugee is, one has to question just how adult a conversation it’s going to be. But it is good to be inside the velvet rope isn’t it?"

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