BC Liberals can't be blamed

The BC Liberals need help with budgeting

First they said the BC budget would be about $500 million in the hole, that was before the election in May 2009.  After the election we learn the deficit will be in the order of 2 billion!

Last year they said the budget for a new roof over BC Place Stadium would be $365 million, now it is $577 million – a 58-per-cent increase in just one year.

Then before the May 2009 election the BC Liberals were asked if they would bring in an HST.  The BC Liberals said they wouldn't.  Today the results of a petition drive to get the government to introduce legislation to end the HST is to be announced at 8:30 Toronto time, 5:30 Vancouver time.  I am expecting the HST petition will be certified.

I am sure glad BC is not saddled with a fiscally incompetent NDP government.  It isn't the BC Liberals fault that they have racked up the biggest deficits in BC history.  Its not their fault that they did not know two months before the election the deficit would actually be four times the size they told the people of BC it would be.  And we can hardly blame them for the roof raising rate the cost of the new roof for BC Place stadium, I mean the markets are to blame for all the Liberals problems.

The same rules do not apply to the NDP however.

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