"Strike o the moment of being struck, kill at the moment of being killed!" - Pat Stogran

Mas Oyama said "Strike o the moment of being struck, kill at the moment of being killed!" P@ - Twitter of  Veterans Ombudsman Pat Stogran, 11:00am, August 17, 2010

Usually the Conservatives can count on someone very supportive of their efforts when that someone is a career Armed Forces fellow.  I say usually.  Today, after informing the ombudsman for Veterans he was done, the Government is in for a roasting.  The Conservatives talk a good game in being supportive of our troops and vets.  Their actions however indicate otherwise. 

Veterans Ombudsman Pat Stogran, is a retired from the Armed Forces and was appointed with glee by the Harper Government.  He was one of them.  They were making sure Vets were not falling through the cracks with his appointment. 

It appears Stogran was too good for the Harper government.  He didn't let them whitewash reports, sweep vets under the carpet, or allow the discarded vets from Afghanistan to go unnoticed. 

Unfortunately, the Government has learned how to ignore people like Veterans Ombudsman Pat Stogran.

Stogran has a press conference in Ottawa today at 1400 hours.  

Stogran met with a Cabinet Minister on August 15th.  His twitter account says it all ...

"Just met with the Minister. I will not say anything more at this time. P@"

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