Understanding Prop 8 Decision

Understanding Prop 8 Decision

So many people are having some difficulty understanding the delay and why it is the anti gay marriage folks ought to lose their request for an emergency injunction.

I found a blog with all the good stuff, laid out in very clear language. The long and the short of it all is, come Wednesday, August 18 at 5pm, same-sex couples should be getting married in California again.

Here is the link;

Proposition 8: The 'Standing' Debate

After Judge Vaughn Walker refused to grant a permanent stay on his decision to overturn Proposition 8 this week, a debate has emerged as to whether Proposition 8's defenders even have the necessary legal standing to appeal for an emergency stay from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, a process which is underway now.

The temporary stay that Judge Walker extended last week runs out as of 5pm Wednesday, August 18. If another stay is not granted by this time, the issuing of same-sex marriages resumes in California. On this basis, the "standing" debate is, obviously, a critical one. Read it all here: Proposition 8: The 'Standing' Debate

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