That's right, only in BC. Some enterprising person in south eastern BC (Christina Lake) was growing about 1,000 pot plants in a fenced off area and they fed bears so they would hang around. The RCMP say there were 10 bears that seemed pretty domesticated. The bears were used as a deterrent to those that might want to raid the pot plants.

I 'm betting one of the bears was a snitch, that do gooder bear Yogi perhaps.

CBC story link here

and CBC Video link here


Wandering Coyote said...

Yeah, good old BC! Definitely some characters here, but this is actually a pretty upsetting story for a bear lover like me, as you know.

Rick Barnes said...

Its not a cool story when you get to the decision on what to do with the bears. I know its difficult or near impossible to send them out to the back country.