Laraque - Cause I like the colour Green?

 I can't add much more to this...

Q Can you name three of your favourite Green party policies?
A I just got a big book about all the policies. If you ask me in a month, I’ll be able to tell you. So far, the biggest policy is about promoting the environment. In the coming weeks, I will be studying and meeting and reading with Elizabeth [May] a lot more on those environmental policies to be more informed on the specific policies that they have.


Simon said...

hi Ricky...I think you're being too hard on Georges. He's hunky, he's sweet (off the ice) he loves animals, did an ad on how you shouldn't shake babies (with his shirt off) and besides I have this theory that Canadians secretly like thugs to be their leaders. He's just running for the wrong party... ;)

Rick Barnes said...

He is joining the wrong party. I love him, just a lil silly that he couldn't point to what green policies he liked!

I mean that is how most people vote green, they think its the only green party.