Its a bit late to jump on the road to Jerusalem

The end of the long gun registry is near.  I for one am disappointed that this is the case.  I support it and I hope that I am wrong about its demise.  The Liberals are making hay with this issue calling on Jack Layton to whip the vote.  The Liberals of course set a fine example on "whipping" the vote in their own caucus.

How many Liberals voted against same-sex marriage?  How many Liberals have voted against a woman's right to choose?  How many Liberals voted to reinstate the Death Penalty?  How many Liberals have voted 120 times on confidence votes to keep the Harper Government in power?  How many Liberals voted to extend the mission in Afghanistan?  What's more disgusting, are the comments from Bob Rae earlier this year, suggesting we might have to extend the mission. 

I would be very happy to see the gun registry survive.  Why didn't the Liberals whip the gay marriage vote, or a woman's right to choose and even more importantly, the death penalty. 

To my knowledge, the NDP has never whipped a vote on a Private Members bill.  But that is missing the point.  The long gun registry is in trouble because the Liberal party has selfishly sought to protect its rear end for the last two years supporting the Harper government.  The Liberals have had 120 chances to defeat Harper. 

Jack Layton has proposed some reasonable changes to the registry, changes that will make it more workable for rural folks.  Layton and the NDP have been doing the heavy lifting for most of this Parliament.  Lets see how many Liberal MP's are sick or have a pancake breakfast too serve on the day of the vote.

Its a bit late to jump on the road to Jerusalem.

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