Another Penn State "the sky is falling" Republican

We're tired of god gays and guns - the sky is falling...

Okay many of us are and this is not that rare in the USA today or parts of Canada for that matter. There is however one person who has been singled out for attention by Change.org. Pennsylvania State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe seems to want to keep America white, christian and gays in jail.

There is no real need to read this if you live outside Pennsylvania. If you do live in this great state, then do something about Metcalfe.

This guy sees every progressive action in the State as an item on the Gay Agenda. End Violence against women, a gay plot. He simply has to go.

Off course if he sticks around he could become a spokesperson for the Republican party, that would help out progressive republicans and independents make up their minds on which party to support.

Do you live in PA House District # 12 in Butler County. You do if you live in any of these municipalities: Adams Twp, Callery, Clinton Twp, Connoquenessing, Cranberry Twp, Evans City, Forward Twp, Jefferson Twp, Mars, Middlesex Twp, Penn Twp, Saxonburg, Seven Fields, & Valencia. And the School Districts of: Butler Area School District, Mars Area School District, South Butler County School District, Seneca Valley School District.

Register to vote, write the local, state and national GOP leadership and demand Metcalfe be set free or turned out to pasture. Perhaps his local church could use an alter boy?

All the help you need is here.

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