Whats Kids are wearing in 1973

Okay, it's what kids were wearing in 1973.

I love the CBC Digital Archives. As we approach the beginning of another school year, time for some good fashion reporting from Norman Depoe, veteran CBC reporter. This aired on August 21, 1973.

Note this ...

Here is a sampling of prices for back-to-school clothes from Eaton's, a Canadian department store, in August 1973:
• boys' classic denim flared jeans, $5.98 ($28.94 in 2009 dollars)
• boys' print check plush denim pants, $7.98 ($38.62 in 2009 dollars)
• girls' two-tone leather-look vinyl shoes, $8.98 ($43.46 in 2009 dollars)
CBC also notes the the most popular school cafeteria meal was french fries and gravy, a doughnut and a coke. Cost was 60 cents. Can you imagine a meal like that in today's schools?

Wiki has more here.

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