This is how you get things right Iggy

Oh oh, looks like the LPCers are down again. Not only is the latest poll showing them to be headed south, but the NDP have done in a few days what Iggy and the LPCers couldn't get done all summer.

See in the spring, Iggy said in order for him to support the Conservative government something had to be done on EI. Iggy created a committee of three of his guys and three of the Conservative dudes. The committee had no teeth. It met a few times with predictible results. Why didn't Iggy make changes EI a condition of his support. The budget could have been amended if the Harper folks wanted to avoid an election. You likely would even have had the NDP support it.

Don't look now, but look who found money for at least 190,000 Canadians! It wasn't Iggy's committee, nope, it was the NDP and Jack Layton, using their leverage when they get it.


Scott Tribe said...

Nice spin.. but not true.. If it wasn't for the liberals determination to bringthe government down, the NDP wouldnt have gotten this half-bone they're using as an excuse.

And now it appears it isnt just the Liberals trying to force the NDP's hand, as my update details, the BQ is intent on forcing the NDP's hand as well.

With all due respect, your party is in a world of hurt right now.. your strategy in tatters.

northwestern_lad said...

Ahh Scotty, and you of course a full of unbiased opinions, right??? ;) You worry about your own party because we aren't worried about ours over here

CanadianSense said...

Why are NDP in trouble if they support responsible legislation?

I don't get the logic of beating up the NDP party on reading and approving this EI Bill.

The Liberals are free to vote against the EAP and Home Reno credit. My question is how many 10 per centers will be sent by the NDP pointing out the Liberals in the Senate may be holding up the Bills.

Old School Liberal said...

How can the NDP try and take credit for this EI "reform" when the Tories drafted it without speaking with them, without replying to emails and before knowing Jack was going to cave and vote against any and all non-confidence motions in order to keep Harper's government alive?

But seriously though if that is genuinely your view, what was your view about Layton voting against a budget that provided an additional $6.2 billion to unemployed in the January budget and the June ways and means?

ADHR said...

AFAIK, the only amount that's actually being spent is the amount that the NDP just supported, and the Liberals voted against. So, really, we should probably call that one a wash.

The Liberals have misplayed this, and it worries me that Ignatieff doesn't seem to get it. If the government had fallen on this, I strongly suspect that we'd be staring at the real possibility of a Harper majority.

(Which might be what it takes to send our Liberal Party the way of the UK Liberals, but I'm not sure that result is worth it.)

Rick Barnes said...

It seems the LPCer's forget that it was the NDP that made EI an issue long before the Libs came up with the doomed committee.

Harper had to do something and EI was something he could sell to his folks.

It was the NDP's threat that had Harper bring it forward. It may have had the BLOC support him but not likely he would have liked to be seen as supported by just the "seperatists".

So the NDP get something for a couple of votes, what did iggy and dion get. a report card and a few committee meetings. ummmm...