New NDP ad hits the mark

Ok, this is on the right track. Lets see more of these ads on a variety of issues.

See others can do better!


Dylan said...

Great ad! Jack is right, it is time for the parties to stop playing games and put their efforts in parliament to getting the country back on track.

Too bad he didn't share this sentiment in January when he voted against the budget before seeing it... or the June fiscal update before he saw that... or the countless pieces of legislation that he didn't even review before voting against in blind opposition.

Will his next ad be an apology for railing on the Liberals for supporting, or abstaining, from CPC "non confidence" legislation in order to avoid an unwanted election(s)?

I won't hold my breath.

Rick Barnes said...

You should be sent to the penalty box for that comment Dylan. A united opposition in January could have forced Harper's hand. Either an election or capitulate.

Had the Liberals not been so scared of an election last January, more could have been had from the Harper Government.

Unfortunately the Liberals choose to support the Conservative budget as well as a 3 billion dollar slush fund.

The LPCers got nothing for themselves or Canadians because of their backing the Harper Cons.

kirbycairo said...

I am third generation NDP and this just sounds opportunistic and hollow no matter how you spin it. After three years of telling us voting against the Tories was a matter of principle suddenly Layton is Mr Conciliation. THat is a credibility gap that has wilted Layton's leadership for good. He's done.

James Bowie said...

Worst. Ad. Ever. Never even went on TV.

janfromthebruce said...

I like the ad - and Kirbycairo: Do you remember when Jack said this?

Layton said his party, unlike the Liberals, is determined to make Parliament work and will not oppose the government for the sake of opposing. He refused to get drawn into threats about defeating the government if Harper ignores opposition priorities, preferring to wait and see.

Layton actually said that on March 24, 2006March 24, 2006.
h/t My Blahg: "I guess Layton hasn’t changed his tune in nearly 4 years and the libfloggers are just getting dumber every day."

Ricky Barnes said...


Given all the LPCer basement shock attack ads about Harper and the "We Can Do Better" sap, its a wonder you would see anything as good. You like many LPCer bloggers are blinded by your hopes for a better day for your own "Iffy" or is that "Iggy" party.

HammertimeGP said...

NDP Jack Layton is voting for a NDP bill which was a private members bill which had a billion dollars going out and the tories is bring in a NDP bill in and the Conservative Ignatieff could not get nothing for people ie the unemployed. So good job NDP Jack Layton the next Prime Minister of Canada. VOTE NDP!!