Harper will give Peter an OKS

Conservative cabinet minister, Peter MacKay wants us to believe he forgot he was on the boards of directors for two companies. That's just too bizarre to accept. I bet Mr. Harper is giving Peter a good ole fashion OKS (Over the Knee Spanking)

I mean I can see him preparing to run for office years ago. "Daddy can you make me a Director of your companies?"

"Why sure son, you have never ever been remotely interested before, why now?"

"It could help me look like I know about business."

"It will happen tomorrow Peter, don't worry your silly little head about it, oh by the way, you won't have to come to meeting or make any decisions, I will have your name added to the registry." And that was the last of it for Peter, it slipped out of his head. Perhaps that's why Belinda left....

from the Chronicle Herald...

“My mistake, if anything, was not to have twigged to the fact that I should remove my name,” he said. “I guess it sounds hard to believe but I completely forgot because I didn’t have any involvement with it.”

Halifax MP Megan Leslie said she finds it tough to understand Mr. MacKay’s oversight because MPs and cabinet ministers have to go through a rigorous disclosure process.

“It must be quite the life to forget that you’re the director of certain companies,” the New Democrat said. “I forget how many student loans I have, but we have different lives, Peter and I.” - Chronicle Herald, Halifax, Thursday Sept 3, 2009


TechWood said...

It makes him look pretty obscene in a few ways. What immediately came to my mind, is how someone can accept a position on a board of directors and then forget that they were on it.

Somebody at some point must have sent him correspondence as a board member. Perhaps they would have dropped him a line asking why he wasn't present in person or on paper for annual meetings, votes, etc.

All sounds more than a little sly to me.

TechWood said...

..oops, forgot to mention the other obscenities.

#2 - It was a family owned business (not a tiny one either). How can you not know you're on the board of daddy's corporation????

#3 - Our government's fine and treatment of an unethical cabinet minister is a whopping $200. Take a look at other fines and penalties for ordinary people that aren't in a position of power and most will understand just how wrong this is.