Liberals trying to quit, could do it earlier!

Here I have been simply listening to the crowd all a long. The first chance to defeat Mr. Harper is not on the first opposition day scheduled on or about October 1, 2009. The first kick at the can would be shortly after September 14 when Parliament must vote yay or nay to the ways and means portion of the budget.

That makes things a little more urgent doesn't it. Or were the LPCers planning to vote one more time for the Harper Government before they bring them down. It actually sounds a lot like someone trying to give up smoking. Just one more and I will quit. Promise! Bob Rae indicated the vote of non-confidence would occur on or about October 1, 2009, on the LPC's Opposition Day.

It does look like the LPC will in fact quit supporting the government. I mean they have said it out loud. But like a smoker trying to quit, they fall off the wagon a lot before they succeed.

Maybe some smart LPCer can tell us what will happen and when.


West End Bob said...

Yeah, and I'm not so sure falling off of harper's wagon into iggy's red Radio Flyer would be so very much better anyway . . . .

Ricky Barnes said...

I suspect his radio flyer looks more like this one