Layton lets Iggy stew

It looks like the Tories don't like kool aid. They will love campaigning on the budget especially the home renovation credit. That still has to be passed in the budget when MP's return. Can you imagine Harper out there slamming Ignatieff over that one.

Today Jack Layton comes to the microphone and will respond to recent developments. Layton has left Ignatieff out there all by himself for a couple of days now. I'm sure he hates being ignored. Today The LPC leader will be reminded of his record. Or perhaps Layton will be talking about his and the NDP.

Who was the federal leader that raised concerns for workers losing jobs and a need for expanded EI reform now, not four months later after you study it. Pension reform, protection against rip off cell phone contracts, credit interest rates? Those are things that bite down hard on Canadian wallets.

Who has consistently hammered both the current government and the Liberal government on the child soldier in Gitmo? Whose motion was it that called for the Government to allow American war resisters to remain in our country? Who was it that has been hammering away at getting money for affordable housing year after year and did force the Martin government to do just that and embarrass the Harper government into doing it as well.

Just as an added emphasis, you can bet that if Harper or Ignatieff were Prime Minister when Iraq war was started, Canadians would still be there. Afghanistan is a war effort well supported by Liberals and Conservatives. Only the NDP and BLOC have consistently said, we have to get out. You can bet that the LPC will extend our effort there just as Harper will if he is re-elected.

Those and many more issues were led by the NDP. You want an election, you will get it. The NDP will be campaigning as the real opposition and the party that can not be bought. Liberals will be reminded of their 79 (maybe 80 by the time they gather up the courage to say no) votes in support of Harper.

What changed that Ignatieff couldn't take anymore. He has issued at least seven ultimatums to date. He and the LPC brain trust have decided they want to play chicken. They have a reputation of capitulating to Harper, a million reasons for doing so, none of them reflective of what was good for Canada.

The NDP will largely ignore Ignatieff on the campaign. They will present a real alternative to the Harper government.


Anonymous said...

NDPers are unquestionably justified in being upset with the shameful way that the Libs have been supporting Harper since the time of Dion. With the polls the way they have been for some time now, it is very unlikely that either Harper or Ignatieff will win a majority. In the case of NDP, it is unlikely that the NDP will win even a minority.

Layton is being smart or realistic, considering his polls, if he says that the NDP will consider supporting Harper, or any other party for that matter, provided the NDP can get what it wants (quite similar to the stand that Duceppe has taken, albeit for Quebec).

It is rich for the Libs to attack both the NDP and BQ if the latter do walk away from triggering an election considering what Ignatieff had done. However, if the other opposition parties want to get rid of Harper, the Libs it seems are now finally on board (assuming they do not retreat yet again).

Thus I would think that it is up to the NDPers to decide what they want: viciously attack the opposition record of the Libs, and possibly help Harper win a minority again since Harper's base will always vote for him alone, or present a clear message why all the opposition parties think that Harper has not been working for all Canadians, especially those who are non Cons voters.

Anonymous said...

Iggy stew because of Layton LOL

Layton looks, deservedly so, like a hypocrite. Say anything Jack.

Amazing what a chicken shit Layton is when the onus is on him.

Unbelievable - votes 70 times against Harper, declares he will never, ever, ever trust Harper and then this crap.

Layton has to go - he's hurting the party.