Jack 's new fan club

You know that when the Liberals are operating round the clock surveillance they are doing it because they are worried. Is it Prime Minister Stephen Harper they are paying all this attention too? No not Stephen, its Jack Layton.

Kinsella and a few other LPCer bloggers are behaving like frat house kids. Why, they are scared to death that Jack Layton is a serious threat to their electoral success. So serious they have dispatched loyal bumpkins off to hold up silly signs and look pretty.

I'm sure that Layton's team finds it amusing. When was the last time people were actually following Jack like this to "harass" him? It means the LPC brass is very worried about the NDP. Expect the Liberals to pay a great deal attention to Jack and the New Democrats this election.

Its going to be a fun election for New Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Yup, everyone's shaking in their boots over Layton LOL

You are so dillusional it's sad. Layton spent all his time counting his fingers and toes on votes - attacking Libs instead of Harper

What the hell do you expect when Layton runs with his tail between his legs. He's sure cocky and brave when the onus isn't on him.

Of Mice and Cats said...

"When was the last time people were actually following Jack like this to "harass" him?"

During the last election Jack was in Harper's Calgary riding to kick off his campaign. There were a couple of guys protesting outside the community hall where Jack gave his speech. I don't know if they were actually members of any political party, but they were claiming that Harper was the best PM ever and GW Bush was the greatest president ever. They were clearly dilusional.

Ricky Barnes said...

Hey anon,

First you must be a Lib cause they are the only ones scared of Jack! As to attacking the libs in the last election, Jack hardly mentioned the Libs until the end of the campaign. That was when the Libs traditionally scream oh, no we're losing you have to vote LIBeral to save the country. It didn't work as Jack increased his seat count each time out.

Why don't the Libs calm down and actually come up with a policy or two....