New Democrats and LPCers need to look deep

Update - 5:30 pm Sep 30/09: Olivia Chow has not said she would be thinking she would run for the Mayor's job in Toronto. In fact she will be staying in Parliament! I stand corrected and very happy!

Politics creates some odd realities. The Liberals fed up with taking the brunt for supporting the Harper minority decided it was time someone else picked up that dirty job and the New Democrats have obliged. Jeff over at his "I'm an Ontarian after being a BCer" blog has a good analysis of the situation, albeit from an LPCer point of view. He takes few little shots at the New Democrats.

The truth of the stranger than reality show in Ottawa is that the New Democrats and Liberals do not want an election now. The New Democrats are taking the hit in the media and from Iggy for "propping up" the Harperites. Funny thing is, its truly to Iggy's short term benefit that we don't have an election, especially with Bob Rae breathing down his back. An election now would likely see the NDP lose some seats and the LPC gain a few and Harper gaining some, maybe enough for a majority.

With a another dismal LPC performance, Iggy will have to leave and Bob Rae will step in, bringing with him all of Jean's buddies. The demon of Paul Martin will be washed away and the LPC will actually stand some chance of regaining government.

The New Democrats future looks about the same or worse. I wish I could suggest it would be otherwise. Instead of being acknowledged by the media for preventing an election and trying to make Parliament work at least until spring, they are being characterised as having to hold their noses while voting with Harper.

I haven't met any Canadian other than a few party hacks that want an election or think we need one. With that public thought pervading the land, the New Democrats should get some credit for doing the dirty work. But this is politics and the New Democrats are being roasted as hypocrites (79 Liberal votes).

Further disconcerting is the lack of imagination in any of the political parties. We Can Do Better and Standing up for Average Working Families are lame and bereft of content. Where is the grand vision. All we get is, "they are wrong and we are right."

The New Democrats must do better this time out or Jack is finished. With rumours that Olivia Chow may leave one of only two New Democrat seats in Toronto to seek the Mayor's job, the New Democrats fortunes look bleak for making any advances in Canada's biggest city. If Chow runs for Mayor then I expect the left and centre vote will split and John Tory will become Mayor, thats a lovely thought to contemplate.

The LPC and the New Democrats have a big job to do this winter. Polling does not build grand visions, polls do not inspire people to support this idea or that one. They both need to be out there listening and talking with Canadians.

I have seen many of the ideas the New Democrats have proposed and I support them whole heartedly. What they have failed to do is capture the attention of voters and would be voters. Instead of being seen as a party that supports working families, they are seen as the party that hates business. The LPC on the other hand is seen as having destroyed its foundation.

If we want to stop a Conservative majority we New Democrats and LPCers must take a good look at what our respective parties are offering Canadians and will Canadians like it enough to support it.


janfromthebruce said...

Olivia is not putting out a rumour that she is thinking of running for mayor of Toronto, and speculation on rabble.ca is not any sort of reliable source for putting out that "rumour crap."
Actually, and looking at recent polls the NDP is sitting in about the same numbers as the last election, so losing a few is just picking up on MSM spin. In fact, Jack's leadership numbers are higher this time than in comparison to last election.
And the MSM has been pretty evenly divided on the NDP supporting EI, and states that this supposed support will depend on an issue to issue bases.
There has to be a reason for an election because having one every year is "stupid."
Perhaps Harper would like to try NOT MAKING EVERYTHING A CONFIDENCE MOTION and make parliament work, for a change.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"I haven't met any Canadian other than a few party hacks that want an election or think we need one."

I've met one Canadian who does. His name is Jack Layton. At least that seemed to be his position not so long ago.

The NDP issued a press release on August 28 criticizing Ignatieff for "propping up" the government. A week later Jack was saying he didn't want an election. The NDP's new position reeks of hypocrisy. Why is it "propping up" when the Liberals do it, but it's "Making parliament work" when our party does it?

And when are they going to take down that confidence votes counter from the party's website?

Reposted minus the typos and spelling mistakes. ;-)

Rick Barnes said...

Seems to me Curtis, that the NDP managed to get an EI Bill out of the Tories, something the LPCers couldn't or wouldn't. It also seems yo me that the Lpcers should be excited that Jack isn't supporting a call for an election right now. Iggy or Iffy is not doing well and it would appear to me and many of your own party that Harper would win right now and maybe even win a majority.