Harper will decide

It's up to Stephen Harper

There we have it. Jack Layton said Stephen Harper has to decide if Parliament will continue. Layton spoke specifically to the motions the NDP presented in the House of Commons and indicated that Mr. Harper might want to look at them again.

As to Ignatieff, not a word to him.

“The choice is yours, Mr. Harper,” said Layton. “You can choose to work with other parties, or you can choose an election. In either case, New Democrats are ready.”

Of course LPCer bloggers have been trying to turn this into its up to Jack now. Bcer in Toronto is very keen on it. He hasn't heard a Liberal Talking point that he doesn't like yet. The facts are pretty clear in the NDP motions passed by a majority of Parliament. So I expect that means Iggy liked them enough to vote for them right, or did he do it for the same reasons he voted for all of Harper's regressive actions. Cause he just likes saying yes?

There will be no election if Harper puts out a plan to adopt those NDP motions and actually does it. There will be an election presumming all opposition parties vote against Harper if Harper does not have a magic moment.

Lets see the LPC blogger world flip sideways again....

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