They didn't know Matthew, John and Joel.

"I watched The 700 Club sometimes with Pat Robertson -- they're constantly talking about gays."
Those are the words of a confessed killer, Jay Johnson. Johnson's father was VP of Bethel College and Seminary and often spoke openly against homosexuality. He was raised in a strict, religious household.

Johnson learned to hate gays and himself. He was gay himself and felt what he was doing was wrong. To deal with his feelings of guilt and remorse he killed two gay men and attacked another.

Jay Thomas Johnson plead guilty to the murder of former State Sen. John Chenoweth, 48, and Joel Larson, 21. That was 17 years ago on September 30, 1992. Since then the anti gay rhetoric has gone up a few notches.

You can't convince me that the words of "moral" leaders don't lead to acts such as those exhibited by Jay. These moral leaders have instilled a deep hatred and a sense of responsibility or obligation to act, among many that listen to them.

In this case three lives were sadly taken, the two men Jay killed and his own. Jay has admitted to being gay himself and according to this website, has accepted himself now. Its an outrage that these murders, inspired by words of the demonizing Christian fundamentalist leadership and supported by stupid people like the one guy I mentioned in the post below, happen at all.

These murders happened before Matthew Shepard. Who said words will never hurt me? They didn't know Matthew, John and Joel.

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