Politics and colouring

If this is how virgin political boys colour, is this how non-virgin Liberal staffers colour?

Seems both the LPCers and CON's like the same package of crayons.

...of course I like all crayons... I own several packages ;)


Steve V said...

The NDP have always been a big fan of these expressions:

Bosom Buddies

Leave the attempts at humour to us, you guys do what you do best, just be angry about everything :) H

Rick Barnes said...

what do ya think out there? Is Stevie a member of the funnist guys ever, or are The ND folks just angry.

Steve V said...

Anybody looks funny beside you. Gee, wonder what the other minions would say?

"Stevie", oh the condscending tone of a LIGHTWEIGHT. Whatever dude....

This place is a bit of a morgue eh?

Anonymous said...

ahh is Stevie trying to be tough?