16 year-old gay Zach Update

EJ Friedman, Terence Heath, Pam Spaulding, The Disenchanted Forest & a host of others are following the case closely. The state of TN is now investigating (Love in Action is operating without a license and a family therapist had called to report potential child abuse based on statements in Zach's blogs, published operating procedures/rules for LIA and statements from those previously exposed to the program).

Thanks to The Disenchanted Forest for this information.

Also tonight Queer FM will be discussing the story of Zach, the 16 year-old blogger from Bartlett Tennessee who's parents sent him to an Ex-Gay ministry called "Love In Action" when he came out to them. The specific program is called Refuge.

You may also be interested in the Southern Poverty Law Center's latest Intelligent Report and the rise of the Christian Right. Check out my article on this and the rise of the Christian Right in Canada at Politics in BC

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Rainbow Demon said...

Great coverage, Rick.
Thanks and as always...


Rick Barnes said...

Thanks guy! I am appalled this could happen to a young person. I am certain a parent could not do this in most parts of Canada, except perhaps Alberta.

shalom said...

The group of us over at free zach are doing a postcard campaign to send Zach some words of support. It’s a statement in itself, because if even half the group sends a card or letter, it will be 2,000 messages flooding the Refuge camp’s mailbox. That would be hard to ignore. Spread the word.

c/o Refuge
P.O. Box 171444
Memphis, TN 38187

Anonymous said...

Is america going crazy? Jace from Lisbon, Portugal